About Richmond Community Foundation

A Strong and Healthy Richmond

The Richmond Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1), not for profit organization through which individuals, families, civic groups and businesses carry out their charitable giving. Our discretionary grants support a range of community issues benefiting the residents of Richmond, California.

Originally incorporated as the Richmond Children's Foundation in 2000, the Richmond Community Foundation uses the power of philanthropy to build healthy, sustainable communities.

We offer you a range of charitable tools, funds and investment options and the professional leadership to help you achieve both your financial and philanthropic objectives.

The foundation is in compliance with all regulatory standards including filing IRS 990’s and other documents required by the State Attorney General’s Office.


Our Role in the Community

The Richmond Community Foundation serves people who share a common interest—improving the quality of life in our community. Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations create charitable funds through RCF that help our nonprofit organizations meet local challenges. We support the community by supporting the organizations that work to sustain Richmond and RCF's five pillars of community development; Public Safety, Health, Jobs and Economic Development, Physical Environment, and Education.

Your gifts help us to support these goals that local non-profits are working to acheive everyday. People come to the Richmond Community Foundation to make their charitable giving more effective. Everything we do is designed to make a difference—and to help you make that difference. We are here to assist you with every step of your charitable giving.

Giving through the Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) ensures your contributions make the biggest difference possible. We have created smarter, more effective ways to make an impact on the organizations that respond to issues that mean the most to you. Your path to make an impact in Richmond begins here!


What are Community Foundations?

Community foundations are a national resource thriving on the local level! They are tax-exempt public charities serving thousands of people who share a common interest—improving the quality of life in their area. Community foundations serve a vital role as an enabler of good works. They encourage individuals, organizations and companies to fund community activities in areas where donors live and work.

Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations create permanent charitable funds that help their region meet the challenges of changing times. The foundation invests and administers these funds. More than $49 billion in charitable funds are funneled through community foundations to address the core concerns of more than 725 communities and regions…and that’s no exaggeration! That adds up to a lot of people affected by the work that community foundations facilitate.

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