Nystrom United Revitalization Effort (NURVE)

Imagine a safe, diverse and thriving community where kids walk to quality schools, people of all ages enjoy parks, community facilities, and winding trails, and quality housing - regardless of income - meet the needs of all families.

This vision is becoming a reality through the Nystrom United Revitalization Effort (NURVE). With a focus on improving the quality of life for youth and families, NURVE is a collaborative effort between the Richmond Community Foundation and various City, County and community entities. NURVE aims to revitalize the economy and improve quality of life in southern and central Richmond through building projects, initiatives and community partnerships, and greater connections between stakeholders.


Nystom in the media: 

It Takes a lot NURVE! Written by our very own President and CEO Mr. James Becker!

SparkPoint Contra Costa

SparkPoint Centers are one-stop, financial education centers that help struggling individuals and families to make ends meet. SparkPoint helps clients address immediate financial crises, get back on their feet, and build financially secure futures. Each center brings together a full range of services at one convenient location, including credit counseling, career development, and financial coaching, as well as access to higher education and savings accounts. Every SparkPoint client is provided a coach who helps create a step-by-step plan to set and achieve financial goals.

Together, more than 2,500 individuals have been served by SparkPoint Contra Costa. Sixty-four percent of those who participate in ongoing services have had success improving their credit scores, increasing their income, or reducing debt and building savings.

Ensuring Opportunity Campaign

In the 50 years since the War on Poverty was launched, much effort has been invested in launching a variety of programs and policies, yet poverty continues to rise. It is time for Contra Costa County communities to unite to ensure a just, vibrant, and compassionate quality of life for all of our residents. The Ensuring Opportunity campaign is envisioned as a collaborative, long-term, cross-sector effort to end poverty in Contra Costa County by raising public awareness and building a network of committed organizations, stakeholders and community members to support programs and policies. Our focus will be on increasing the economic well-being of local residents by addressing the systemic and structural causes of poverty.

Campaign for Grade Level Reading



In partnership with the Hellman Foundation and the California Endowment, the Richmond Community Foundation established the West Contra Costa Literacy Coalition in 2015.  The Coalition is a collaboration of of literacy service providers, librarians, educators, parents, foundations, businesses, public agencies, the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD), and other community partners committed to the goal that all children in West County read at grade level by the time they finish third grade.

The Coalition aspires to support academic achievement, reduce the achievement gap, and facilitate the collaborative efforts of direct service providers in three key areas of need: Early Learning, Attendance, and Out of School Time.

In July of 2016, the Literacy Coalition conducted a community scan about early literacy supports in West Contra Costa County. The information collected will be used to shape the Coalition's efforts towards advocating for resources that are calibrated to match West County's early literacy needs.

The Literacy Coalition conducted outreach to community providers, including West Contra Costa Unified School District, community based organizations, and other service providers about early literacy opportunities offered to families with children up to age 9, with the goal of understanding notable gaps that would complement the Coalition's forthcoming needs assessment. 

On September 21, 2016, the WCC Literacy Coalition presented the results of our community Needs Assessment, focusing on gaps in summer and after-school literacy programs for children 0-9 years old in West County. The results of our Needs Assessment can be found below. To see the power-point presentation from the event (and data in more detail), please download the presentation here.*

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Richmond Housing Renovation Program

City of Richmond and Richmond Community Foundation Partner on first of its Kind Social Impact Bond

home 1

On June 2, 2015, the Richmond City Council voted to issue up to $3 million in Social Impact Bonds for the purpose of rehabilitating and repairing abandoned residential properties in the City. The Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) will facilitate the program from acquisition to sale of the properties. Families who are participating in SparkPoint Contra Costa, a local financial services program with 17 nonprofit partners, will be given the first opportunity to purchase the homes through the First Time Home Buyer program.

Social impact bonds are an emerging strategy which blends private investments and with projects that generate a positive social impact. Investors purchase the bonds to fund programs designed to address social issues. If the program is successful and earns a profit as a result, the profits are used to repay the investors and help continue the work to tackle social problems.

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