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 Updated 9/24/14

The Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) is delighted to share with you the attached article, Social Impact Bonds and Community Foundations: Making Pay-for-Success Initiatives Accessible, written by Maria Hernandez, PhD is President and COO of Impact4Health, LLC, and Josh Genser, Chairman of the Board of RCF. This article discusses Social Impact Bonds, a method of paying for solutions to some of our nation's social problems including homelessness, recidivism, lack of early childhood education and chronic disease. The article describes how Community Foundations, properly empowered, can help communities build the financial infrastructure to facilitate the use of Social Impact Bonds.

Richmond Community Foundation is proud to be cited  in the article for its new Social Impact Bond targeting blighted housing in Richmond. RCF is working with the City of Richmond on a blight strategy which will acquire vacant and abandoned houses, rehabilitate them and return them to productive use. The bondholders will be repaid from the proceeds of the sales of the houses. The program will be among the first Social Impact Bond programs in California, and the first in the nation to be financed through the sale of municipal bonds.  

We hope you enjoy this article. We are excited about this new strategy and sharing what we learn in order to expand innovative financing strategies that can solve critical social problems locally, and nationally.  Thank you so much for your support which makes this imporatnt work possible!



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