Ensuring Opportunity Campaign

In the 50 years since the War on Poverty was launched, much effort has been invested in launching a variety of programs and policies, yet poverty continues to rise. It is time for Contra Costa County communities to unite to ensure a just, vibrant, and compassionate quality of life for all of our residents. The Ensuring Opportunity campaign is envisioned as a collaborative, long-term, cross-sector effort to end poverty in Contra Costa County by raising public awareness and building a network of committed organizations, stakeholders and community members to support programs and policies. Our focus will be on increasing the economic well-being of local residents by addressing the systemic and structural causes of poverty.

What Does Success Look Like?
Misperceptions about the causes of poverty cause confusion and dissension, and negatively impact the work we are trying to achieve. To be successful, the Ensuring Opportunity campaign must achieve the following results:

  • A redesigned system of safety net services that is driven by and responsive to the needs of local residents and families.
  • Policies and prevention strategies to help more families exit poverty or avoid it in the first place, so that over time, fewer families need safety net services.
  • Preservation of safety net services for residents who are not able to move to a higher level of self-sufficiency.
  • Overall reduction of the number of families living in poverty in Contra Costa County.

The success of the campaign will depend on our ability to mobilize community leaders along with thousands of other community members to support policies and programs that address the systemic causes of poverty. Toward this end, the campaign will launch a comprehensive communication and advocacy strategy that will effectively engage local leaders, media, residents, businesses, service providers, faith-based and other community organizations to take effective and coordinated action.

We are proud to announce we have been awarded a Rise Together Grant award for our poverty-fighting collaborative: Ensuring Opportunity. For more information on our poverty fighting campaign or resources please visit our Ensuring Opportunity website. 

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