Benefits of Giving

If you're considering establishing a charitable fund with us or if you already have, you will be pleased to know about the benefits to you and to our communities.

Personal Benefits

  • You can give to causes and programs you care about while supporting and bettering your own community.
  • You can involve your family.
  • You can begin planning to leave a charitable legacy.
  • You can have as much or as little involvement as you wish — from visits to prospective grant recipients to consultations with our staff, who can help you with your philanthropic planning and strategy aimed at maximizing your results.
  • You can make anonymous contributions.
  • You don't have to worry about distributing grants. We make the distributions on your recommendations, while your fund is earning interest. We handle the paper work and IRS reporting.

Community Benefits

  • By giving through the Richmond Community Foundation, you improve the communities where you live and work.
  • By partnering with our staff, you can fund the best organizations, programs, and initiatives generating positive impacts in the community.
  • By co-investing with the Foundation and other donors, your grant making is leveraged, thus maximizing your impact in filling important needs.

Tax Benefits

  • You can limit paying capital gains tax and reduce you estate tax liability while supporting local or national nonprofits.
  • Your charitable gift grows tax-free while in your fund.
  • To determine the tax benefits for your particular gift, consult the Foundation and your personal tax advisor.

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